Premier Office Clearing Services in London

Office Clearance London stands as a well-founded family enterprise, boasting close to half a century of expertise in decluttering offices from unneeded furnishings across the heart of the city.

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Our Office Clearance Services in London

Let Us Handle the Hard Work, Saving You Effort

Whether you’re a sole trader or a global corporation, we’re here to help you smoothly relocate your office. Our in-house team is extensively trained in all aspects of office relocations. Let us take care of the heavy lifting while you relax and focus on the most crucial aspect – Your Business.

We Can Transport All Types of Office Furniture You Have

With a history spanning almost half a century, there’s hardly any scenario we haven’t encountered or managed when it comes to office moves and the transportation of office furniture. We have the capability to disassemble, pack, and reinstall your office furniture at your new office location, regardless of the manufacturer, brand, or dimensions.

Moving You Between Different Locations

Office transitions, office decluttering, and office transfers can create significant stress. Many factors require careful attention. It’s not just the office furniture; you must also consider numerous additional aspects such as transferring responsibilities from one office to the next one.

Why Use Our Service

Unmatched Fleet of Vans for Clearing and Moving

Over the years, we’ve expanded our range of vans in various sizes to provide our office clearance services and accommodate multiple businesses on the same day. This enables us to efficiently clear your office furniture and ensure the availability of vans when your office clearing is required.

Environmentally-Conscious Approach to Recycling Your Office Furniture After Clearance

In addition to offering office clearance services to companies leasing a combined 2.77 million square feet of office space in the city for nearly five decades, we are committed to ecologically reusing pre-owned office furniture. Working closely with local charitable organizations, community groups, and furniture dealers, nearly every desk, chair, cabinet, and cupboard finds a new purpose.

Highly Trained and In-House Team Members

All of our staff members conducting office furniture clearances are directly employed by Office Clearance London. This means they have extensive expertise and are trained to handle office clearances and relocations with the utmost skill, considering the furniture itself, staff, and neighboring offices.

Benefits of Professional Office Clearing or Removal:

Highly Cost-Effective Solution

By choosing Office Clearance London, you save both time and money, making it the most budget-friendly option for disposing of or relocating office furniture. This is due to our use of multiple operatives and an appropriate number of vans to collect, transport, store, and recycle your furniture. If you and your employees were to undertake a clearance or relocation, it would inevitably consume significant time and result in higher expenses involving van rentals and fuel.

Uninterrupted Staff Productivity

We handle all aspects of clearance and relocation, allowing your staff to focus on their designated tasks for which they are compensated, rather than engaging in office clearing for recycling, charity donation, or relocation. If you were to calculate the average daily wages of your office employees and compare it to our quote, regardless of the scale, our services are likely to be notably more cost-effective. Additionally, while we manage the process, your employees can continue generating sales, maintaining client satisfaction, and propelling the business forward, all without the risk of potential injuries.

Eco-Conscious Clearing

Coordinating with charities and community entities across London to redistribute your furniture as second-hand items is a substantial undertaking in itself. The process of distributing to these organizations can extend over months. With Office Clearance London, there’s no need for you to manage any of this; we take full responsibility and handle the entire procedure seamlessly.

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