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Rubbish removal in London

At London Waste Eradication and Rubbish Removal, we approach our mission to maintain London’s cleanliness by addressing both commercial and residential waste disposal and recycling with utmost dedication. We will gather and appropriately manage all unwanted items you wish to discard. Our Van-and-Operator squads operate every day of the week, and in the majority of instances, they will execute the garbage collection solution on the identical day you reach out to us via telephone or by filling out an online inquiry form.


Are you faced with the need to dispose of unnecessary belongings within your residence? Or maybe your company amasses an excessive amount of refuse that poses a challenge for efficient handling? London Waste Disposal is the ally you require!

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Waste Removal In London:

Office clearance

Unwanted items have no room within your professional setting. Guarantee a meticulously organized office space, utilizing its area as efficiently as you can, by eliminating all the gathered refuse in a sole afternoon!

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Building Trash Removal

The ideal method to manage post-construction detritus, building supplies, or any form of refuse. Rely on our expertise; we possess both the machinery and the personnel to promptly accomplish the task!

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Home Clearance

A trouble-free solution across the entire expansive Greater London region, accessible every day of the week. Secure a same-day arrangement with one of our vehicles at the most competitive prices in today’s industry.

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Home Clearance

London Waste Eradication has catered to some of the most well-known corporate names in London, providing exceptional outcomes in the briefest of timeframes.

We offer highly dependable, immediate waste collection reservations across the entire Greater London region within the confines of the M25 perimeter. All you need to do is contact us, provide your location details and postal code, and share a couple of images of your refuse – we will handle all other aspects! Our pricing structure is based on the size and overall weight of the waste you wish to discard. London Waste Disposal extends a complimentary estimate to all London clients before confirming a booking with us. We are among the select few service providers in the industry that is exceptionally transparent and open about their charges. You have the option to make payment with cash or utilize your credit card – the decision is yours! As a frequent patron, you will qualify for recurrent exclusive deals and significant markdowns. London Waste Disposal is fully dedicated to environmentally conscious waste management.
We operate swiftly, efficiently, and with an unyielding emphasis on effectiveness and rapidity. You can schedule one of our London vehicles seven days a week – a morning call will likely result in the removal of your refuse by afternoon! Reach out to us without delay to ascertain the cost bracket for your waste removal!


London Waste Eradication operates as a recycling enterprise, fully adhering to all the legal stipulations about this category of commerce. Upon request, we are pleased to furnish our Waste Carrier Certification, a Waste Transfer Document, or our Rubbish Disposal and Site Clearing Procedure Overview.

Please take note that we abstain from gathering and recycling any perilous waste substances or asbestos. We will hold patrons accountable if they neglect to inform our collection reservation agent about the presence of such elements in the waste slated for removal.

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