Strip Out Services

Strip Out Services

EVERYTHING Waste can assist you with renovation, refurbishment, and demolition projects by providing expert strip out services. Our soft strip service removes non-structural elements, such as walls, ceilings, and fittings inside or outside the building. We use light machinery or hand stripping techniques to avoid damage to the building. Our work includes disconnecting utilities which are needed for the job. Our goal is to ensure that your premises are fully prepared for ongoing works.

We can remove garbage fast and well

We care about Health and Safety, the environment, and recycling. We have a license from the Environment Agency to get rid of waste responsibly. Our team always carries a license card with them, which you can see if you ask or contact us beforehand. We take being sustainable very seriously, which means we are both thorough and responsible in our work. We are fully insured and have an Environment Agency license (Licence no. CBDU448389) to dispose of waste safely.

Our soft strip clearance services have great prices

We have great prices for clearing spaces in London. We will tell you the price first and won’t add any secret charges later. Our workers are experts and can handle any job to remove things safely, quickly, and cheaply. We also care about the environment. Contact us now for your clearing needs!

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